Drug & Alcohol Services


Catalyst has over 30 years experience in engaging with people and supporting them to change and deal with issues surrounding alcohol and drugs in their lives. Because we understand that these problems can be in response to traumas people experience, we know that people can change given the right skills and opportunities to deal with their experiences.

The support we currently offer for people dealing with the challenges of their drug and alcohol use is delivered in Surrey as part of Integrated Services in Surrey (ISIS) and funded by Surrey County Council/Surrey Public Health. This aims to reduce the harm that drug and alcohol use causes to an individual, their family and the community at large. This contract will come to an end on 31 March 2018.

From 1 April 2018 Catalyst will be working in partnership with i-access to deliver a co-designed integrated adult substance misuse service.  Catalyst will de delivering the Tier 2 (low threshold substance misuse specialist interventions ie harm reduction and needle exchange.  This will mean a change to the level of alcohol use we will be working with but we will continue to work with all drug use.

What will the service provide?

The service will cover all of the 11 Boroughs in Surrey and will be co-ordinated from hubs in Guildford, Chertsey and Redhill.  More information will be available shortly.

We will continue work closely with a variety of other support services in Surrey to make sure we can link you up with everything you need in order to make and sustain the changes in your life.


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