Catalyst is a not for profit organisation, providing a range of services and support for people in Surrey. Catalyst has really grown and expanded over the last few years and we are proud to say we now help deliver 16 amazing community projects across Surrey.

Our work is across three main areas: Mental Health and Wellbeing, Drug & Alcohol and Specialist Outreach. We offer non-medical interventions in a friendly, accessible, professional and non-judgmental way. We believe people are their own best resource and we work to enable these skills to be activated and learn new ones.

With partnership working and offering flexible services, we believe we can reduce the isolation and stigma faced by people experiencing challenges through a number of projects. To help you understand the range of services we offer, we have produced this useful visual infographic. To download a PDF of this infographic click here.


To find out more about any of our services, please use the links below:

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Community Connections works to improve mental wellbeing for people affected by anxiety, stress and depression through a range of activities and support in Guildford, Waverley, Surrey Heath, Farnham, Spelthorne, Runnymede, Woking and West Elmbridge. We deliver some of services through Catalyst but also work in partnership with other organisations.

Safe Havens– an out of hours drop in service for people experiencing a mental health crisis. There are 5 Safe Havens across Surrey and Catalyst provide support at 3 of them.

Working in GP practices – our staff help deliver the GPimhs / MHICS service. Our staff our co-located at some GP practices across Surrey and are part of a multi-disciplinary team, helping to support people with mental health in the community.

SUN (Service User Network) – a new community-based support service to help people better manage long term emotional and behavioural difficulties that can often be associated with personality disorder. We deliver service in partnership with Surrey and Borders NHS Foundation Trust. For more information on this service, please visit www.sabp.nhs.uk/sun

Drug & Alcohol

Catalyst helps drug and alcohol users to improve their lives on a daily basis by being available, offering accessible support and believing from its own evidence that people have the power to change given the right tools and help.

Catalyst Counselling – This is a countywide service offering counselling and groups in all 11 Surrey Boroughs for people who are using drugs and/or alcohol and those affected by someone else’s use.

Specialist Outreach

Cuckooing – we provide specialist outreach to support vulnerable people from cuckooing

Alpha – our social enterprise who work long term with clients with complex needs. They also offer additional specialist services, including extreme cleans.

Bridge the Gap – working with complex individuals to bridge people into services

Substance misuse outreach – we outreach to the homeless in Guildford & Woking to support people engage with services

I would like to thank the outreach team for all their help and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you