Alcohol Support

Overuse of alcohol can cause many problems and it is wise to be aware that it can sneak up on you.

Alcohol is the most used drug in the UK after tobacco. If it were a new drug it would probably be made illegal as the effects can be just as devastating as other drugs. Alcohol acts to depress the central nervous system (CNS) but it makes people feel happy because it also depresses inhibitions. To download our useful resources on Alcohol, please click the links below:




To read more about the effects of alcohol and how to reduce intake, please click on the headings below.

Know your units

The government  guidelines for both men and women recommend you do not regularly drink more than 14 units of alcohol per week. If you do drink as much as 14 units per week, try to spread this evenly over 3 days or more. To find how many you units you drink each week, please see below:

Recommended guidelines

Benefits of cutting down

There are so many benefits to reducing your alcohol consumption – here are some of them:



Tips and advice

There is lots you can do to help reduce your alcohol intake. Here are just a few practical tips and advice on how to reduce your alcohol consumption.


There is plenty of support available to help you curb your drinking habits.

Useful Services

i-access – (partnership between SABP and Westminster Drug Project ), supports people in Surrey who want help with their problematic drug use and / or are highly dependent on alcohol and want to stop drinking – 0300 222 5932 –

Surrey Drug and Alcohol Care offers a 24 helpline, providing support and information to drug and alcohol users, their families and friends in Surrey.
24/7 Confidential Freephone Number: 0808 802 5000

We offer a Reach Out Counselling service, up to 12 weeks of free counselling to people struggling with substance use issues. For more information, please call 01483 590150 or visit:

Community Connections Surrey provides emotional and wellbeing support. For more information, please visit

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) is a free NHS evidence-based talking therapy service for people 16 years old and over, who are worried or have low mood. For more info, please visit:

Useful Websites


Alcohol self-assessment tool which provides feedback on drinking risk and gives personalised advice and help to find local support services.
Online appointments with DrinkCoach. Website:DrinkCoach

One You

General information, advice and resources, including drinks tracker apps. Website:


Information and tips for healthy living including alcohol support. Website:

Live Well

Information and advice on drinking and alcohol. Website:

Other useful websites

Useful Apps