Alpha Extreme Services mission is to enable people to live safe, happy and fulfilled lives by providing high quality support aimed at building independence and improving  skills.

They provide comprehensive cost-effective services to people with complex needs, maintaining the highest standards  – and have a “can do” attitude.  The work includes assertive care packages for people who are hard to engage with, and support includes life skills, budgeting and maintenance work.

It is a community enterprise company, wholly owned by Catalyst, and any surplus goes to support the wellbeing and recovery work in the South East.

Alpha’s ability to work with exceptionally isolated and disengaged people is to be commended

Alpha has 9 highly qualified staff (5 fulltime) and is currently working with 40 people with complex needs for over 124 hours per week in Guildford, Waverley, Surrey Heath, Woking, Mole Valley, Runnymede, Spelthorne and Elmbridge.

  • One Off and Extreme Cleans – providing extreme cleans across the South East, commissioned by Borough and County Councils, housing associations, and health and social care sectors
  • Omni Outreach Support Services – providing highly skilled assertive outreach to engage with people with complex and chaotic needs and support them with cleaning, personal care, tenancy advice, harm reduction strategies and linking with other services
  • Additional Services – providing Education and Training, bespoke programmes and working with Community Incident Action Groups (CIAG) to develop the most positive interventions for people who are creating problems for themselves and the community
  • Clinical Waste and Sharps Services – providing a very cost-effective and clinical waste service for Catalyst throughout the South East

I can think of no other service that can deliver results with the patience and understanding that is required

The Alpha website has more details and information. Contact them on:

Telephone: 01483 445173
Mobile: 07876 715250 / 07917434609
Email: [email protected]