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Catalyst have always encouraged the development of different groups to support their work and to help people find different ways to be involved.

Support Groups  – find out more about these here

Families and Carers Groups – find out more about these here

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Service User Group – Catalyst believes service user involvement is an opportunity and a resource to strengthen the recovery process for individuals and the communities

Are you interested in training as a peer mentor?

What are peer mentors

Peer mentors are individuals at an advanced stage of their recovery who use their personal experience and knowledge to inspire others starting out on their treatment journey.

What do peer mentors do?

Peer mentors are trained to guide and support new service users through the experience of trying to overcome their substance misuse and make changes in their lives.

Most people who train as a peer mentor will have a long history of using treatment services.

Qualities needed?

Peer mentors need to be non judgemental and able to listen to and treat service users from all backgrounds with dignity and respect.  Peer mentors must also be proactive in ensuring that service users needs are addressed whilst maintaining a safe boundaries for themselves.

Training Offered

You will receive training of an NVQ level 2 in peer mentoring which will include mentoring, communication and negotiating skills. One to one supervision will be provided throughout your training and you will have a personal action plan.


Once you have completed your training you will be offered a placement in a suitable project with Catalyst or an external organisation where you can out your skills to practice.


To find out more, please contact: [email protected] 01483 590 150

Admissions for next year will open in July 2018