Do I have a problem?


Problems can stem from using too much alcohol and drugs or depending on them too much. But they can also be problems which are related to your sense of wellbeing – how do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

Government Alcohol Guidelines

Although the government produces guidelines specifically for alcohol consumption [updated January 2016] and you can find these here, our way of looking at the problem relates to drugs as well.

Catalyst Point of View

We look at the situation from a whole person point of view. You have a problem with alcohol or drugs if they are causing you problems in the following areas:

  • Social – your family and friends can’t cope with your substance use
  • Legal – your use gets you into trouble with the law.
  • Financial – is your use costing you more than you can afford? Is it affecting your employment?
  • Physical – can you feel the damage you are doing?
  • Psychological – are you less able to deal with all the stresses and strains of life without drink or drugs?  Do you need them to get through the day? Are you less able to function than you used to be?

* You may find it helpful to keep a drink diary.

* You can also use some different tools to help you work out if drinking is putting you at higher risk. Try AUDIT-C which asks 3 questions and gives you a score.  If you score more than 5, you may want to talk to us.

* The DrinkCoach website has an interactive drink checker too.

So for Catalyst, if you have answered yes to any of the above then your drug or alcohol use is causing you a problem. And problems are best dealt with – which is where we can help. You can call us to talk to someone who can help you understand where you are and help you to change.

Am I having Wellbeing Problems?

Everyone feels down from time to time or stressed out. But if this continues or if these feelings are affecting your life then maybe it might be good to talk to someone.

For example many people suffer from depression to the extent that they take time off work or their depression affects their family and engaging with other people.  It can have a serious impact on your life. These issues are better dealt with and there is a wide range of support available, including through your GP.  It helps to know you are not alone.  The Welcome Project can help.

There are many other useful links which can help you find out more – click here to see what is available.

it’s a place where I can find strength and understanding of the problems I have faced. They offer support and a place of solace, where I feel comfortable to talk