Families, friends & carers


The people Catalyst work with never live in a bubble all on their own. But many services can spend effort and time working with the individual and fail to understand this and can sometimes neglect the needs of all the other people closest to that person. Catalyst offer support for family members and carers too.

We recognise that drugs and alcohol affect everyone not just the person who is using them and we are here to help friends and family, while keeping confidentiality. People attending our family/carer activities soon realise that they are not alone and that actually many of the issues and problems they may have are also being experienced by others.  Our Family and Friends groups across Surrey are run by trained group workers and provide advice, support, coping strategies and, most importantly, understanding.

And that’s where the value is. Sometimes it’s enough to feel the support of a group of people in the same position to make it through another week. However we are seeking for more than this. We really are seeking to help the relationships get better between users and carers and have found that information and knowledge are key. Additionally we also offer some 1:1 work with family members and carers. Often this is to help with the experiences resulting from their caring role and leads to a much stronger person leaving us to resume the work they do.

Feedback from group members clearly demonstrates that these groups truly benefit family members and friends and are vital to their acceptance and approach to their loved one’s addiction. The invaluable support and continuity of regular fortnightly meetings cannot be underestimated.

A need for support groups has become evident across Surrey. With this in mind, Catalyst is setting up two new groups in Dorking and Woking and hopes to open others in Redhill and Walton in the near future.

To find out what groups are taking place in your area please see the schedule below.


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If you live outside of Surrey, there are other organisations that can help. If you been bereaved through alcohol or drugs and need some support we would recommend BEAD who offer a fantastic service.

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