Families, friends & carers

  • We offer up to 24 weeks of counselling for family and friends affected by their loved ones drug and alcohol use. 
  • Face to face, telephone & online counselling is available
  • We accept self referrals and referrals from GP’s and other organisations.  Click here to make a referral. A telephone assessment will be carried out once a referral is accepted.

Catalyst offer support for family members and carers

We recognise that drugs and alcohol affect everyone not just the person who is using them and we are here to help friends and family, while keeping confidentiality. People attending our family/carer activities soon realise that they are not alone and that actually many of the issues and problems they may have are also being experienced by others.  Our Family and Friends services are run by trained group workers and counsellors and provide advice, support, coping strategies and, most importantly, understanding.

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We offer up to 24 weeks of free counselling for family and friends affected by their loved one’s drug and alcohol use.

We accept self referrals, GP and other organisation referrals.

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To make a referral or for more information please contact us.

Feedback clearly demonstrates that our services truly benefit family members and friends and are vital to their acceptance and approach to their loved one’s addiction.

Other Support:

If you live outside of Surrey, there are other organisations that can help. If you been bereaved through alcohol or drugs and need some support we would recommend BEAD who offer a fantastic service.

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