How we help you


Catalyst works in a number of ways to alleviate the damage to and promote the health of people affected by drug and alcohol problems, and with wellbeing issues such as depression, stress and anxiety.

Our Vision

To offer non-medical interventions to increase an individual’s resilience and skillset, enabling them to change and grow

Our Values

  • We listen
  • We welcome people into a collaborative partnership
  • We believe in individual ability to change
  • We believe in the whole person
  • We believe that how help is offered is as important as the help itself

How it works

Through our easily accessed services, partnerships and friendly non judgemental staff, we work with people to find the help they need and reduce the stigma and isolation faced.

  • One call, text or email to us can offer free access to a range of options providing advice on drugs and alcohol, their effects and harms and available treatment options, wellbeing advice and counselling.
  • The friendly and professional team who respond will take the individual through some simple steps to get the information to make a referral and will explain the different options.

If we are not able to help through one of our services, we will give you the necessary information and contacts for alternatives. We will always respond.

Catalyst can provide help to change through three main programmes:

Catalyst can also provide support in conjunction with our other services and projects:

  • Alpha
  • Other services including Crisis Cafe, Bookshop, Community Incident Action Groups and Training