From 1 April 2022, Westminster Drug Project (WDP) will partner with Surrey and Borders NHS Foundation Trust to deliver the i-access service and specialist drug and alcohol within Family Safeguarding.

Catalyst will continue to provide drug and alcohol services for those in need of our services and help bridge people into the i-access and Family Safeguarding pathways.

For further information about the i-access service, please visit the i-access website. For details on how to make a referral into i-access, please click here.

Who can access this service?

  • People who need help with opiate misuse
  • All other drug users (cannabis, NPS, cocaine etc)
  • Dependant drinkers
  • Harmful/high risk drinkers with complex needs eg pregnancy, safeguarding issues or physical health such as chronic liver disease

How to refer?

We accept self referrals, GP and other organisation referrals. Please contact i-access for more information.

Tel : 0300 222 5932 

Confidential email : [email protected]    

Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Referral form: i-access referral form