Trustees Week 2023

Celebrating Trustees’ Week: Acknowledging the Heart of Charitable Endeavours

Trustees’ Week, running from 6-10 November 2023, marks a time of heartfelt gratitude and celebration for the incredible contributions of nearly one million trustees across the UK. These dedicated individuals bring their time, commitment, and efforts to charitable organisations, helping them thrive and make a positive impact on society.

This year’s theme, “Many voices. Working together. With purpose,” emphasises the diverse talents, viewpoints, and experiences each trustee brings to their board. Celebrating the collective decision-making power of trustees and the strength that diversity lends to charitable organisations, making them more robust and effective in their missions.

At Catalyst, we extend our deepest appreciation to our own trustees, whose unwavering support helps propel us forward. Their individual expertise and collaborative efforts shape our organisation, enabling us to create a meaningful difference in our community.

Throughout Trustees’ Week, we are celebrating all our trustees on social media (see below for links) and thanking them for all their support, shared experiences and insights they give us.  Alongside thanking our trustees, the week also offers a platform to explore the process of becoming a trustee and to develop skills through a range of events, training, and guidance. To learn more about the events and access valuable resources during Trustees’ Week, visit

Finally, and most importantly we want to thank our trustees, for their invaluable contributions. Their passion and dedication inspire us and fuels the positive change we collectively strive for. Together, we continue to make a significant impact, and for that, we are truly grateful. #TrusteesWeek


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