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Communications Update – 31 October 2023

Listening service now open!

How to access support?

The Listening Service is open from 7pm – 9pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Alternatively you can email or text and someone will get back to you during opening hours.

Call: 0800 06 12345
Email: [email protected]

Text/SMS: 07451 289261
For more information please visit: https://outlinesurrey.org.uk/

What is Outline in Catalyst?

Outline in Catalyst Listening Service, believe in the power of shared experiences and comprehensive support. By combining our empathetic listening service with diligent signposting support, we create a robust foundation for LGBTQ+ people to navigate their journeys. 

Our goal is to empower people not only through meaningful conversations but also by ensuring they have access to a network of support beyond our service, enabling them to lead fulfilling and authentic lives. 

Outline in Catalyst primarily looks to provide a focused service in Surrey, however we would always welcome contact to our Listening service and website for people outside of Surrey.

Key Services

Confidential Story Sharing: We offer a confidential platform where LGBTQ+ people can share their stories without judgment. Our trained volunteers ensure a safe space, allowing people to express their thoughts and emotions openly. 

Active Listening and Empathy: Our team of empathetic listeners actively engages with people, demonstrating genuine understanding and compassion. Through active listening, we support people to explore their feelings and make sense of their experiences. 

Meaning-Making Conversations: Engaging in meaningful conversations, we assist people in finding purpose and meaning in their stories. By reflecting on their experiences, people can identify strengths, resilience, and opportunities for personal growth. 

Signposting Support: In addition to our listening service, we provide signposting support, guiding people to relevant external resources such as mental health services, support groups and LGBTQ + affirming organisations. We ensure people have access to comprehensive assistance beyond our sessions. 

Benefits of Sharing and Signposting

Validation: Sharing experiences validates peoples’ feelings and fosters a sense of belonging. 

Empowerment: By embracing stories, people feel empowered to make informed decisions and pursue a more authentic and fulfilling life. 

Access to Specialised Services: Our signposting support ensures people can access specialised services tailored to their unique needs, enhancing the effectiveness of their support network. 

Holistic Well-Being: By connecting people with external resources, we contribute to their holistic well-being, addressing not only emotional but also practical challenges they might face. 

Empowerment through Knowledge: Equipping people with knowledge about available resources empowers them to proactively seek the help they need, fostering self-advocacy and resilience. 

Outcrowd Update

We will have an update on Outcrowd group in early 2024, alongside other merger updates. 

Other support available for the LGBTQ+ community:

Further communications

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The merger of Outline in Catalyst is still ongoing and we hope to bring you an update in early 2024. 

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