Catalyst provide a range of specialist outreach services across Surrey. They include:

  • Alpha – Alpha is a social enterprise business who work long term with complex clients as well as offering a range of services which includes working with hoarders, extreme cleans. We often work where “mainstream” services are not appropriate.
  • Catalyst High Impact (CHI) – Surrey Wide with adults who are alcohol dependent, high risk and who are not currently engaged with services and are frequent attenders of Emergency departments or high intensity users of 999, have alcohol related anti-social behaviour.
  • Bridge the Gap – Surrey Adult Matters. Making Every Adult Matter Approach (MEAM). Working together holistically to reduce complexity and increase flexibility for individuals who need additional support to achieve better outcomes.
  • Cuckooing – working Surrey wide providing holistic targeted support and engagement with services for vulnerable adults where there are concerns of cuckooing. We offer preventative work and referral into drug/alcohol treatment.
  • Substance use outreach for rough sleepers – working with community partners in Guildford and Woking providing substance misuse advice, harm reduction information and navigation of support to access treatment.
  • Liaison & Diversion – Providing Surrey Wide early intervention for people of all ages in the criminal justice system ensuring they are assessed for vulnerabilities and provided with support to access appropriate services.
  • Reconnect – aims to build upon the Liaison & Diversion model to have a whole system approach to include Women leaving custodial settings so that they continue to receive support