Reach Out Counselling

Reach Out Counselling is a National Lottery Community funded service throughout Surrey which offers up to 12 weeks of free counselling to people struggling with substance use issues and is also available to Friends and Family.

Very often people who use substances are dealing with traumatic events in their lives. With counselling we can help people gain the skills needed to find other ways to deal with difficulties, and help lead to an improved quality of life and a real belief in a better future.

Drug and alcohol use can have devastating effects on other people. Counselling is also available for friends, family members and partners who need support to cope with living with someone else’s dependence – to help them make decisions and explore choices.

We also offer counselling to people struggling with mental health problems such as stress and anxiety who might also have substance use as an additional problem.




All it takes is a phone call to us and the friendly team will get some initial information and book an assessment.

Call us: 
01483 590 150
Email us: 
Text us: 
07909 631 623

A qualified counsellor is allocated to each person. Sessions over the 12 weeks will take place at the same time and in the same place and with the same person.  If there are still issues which are unresolved, a re-referral is possible to provide further support.

to say that Reach Out have provided a lifeline to myself and my family is a gross understatement

Changing behaviour is not easy. Relationships are often damaged and broken as a result and mending these is key to the process of recovery.  With this in mind we may be able to offer couples counselling where both partners can work together to explore and resolve issues through better communication, expression and goal setting.

We have also trialled couples counselling for any two people, not necessarily partners but to include a user and friends and family, to explore how to rebuild relationships. Get in touch to find out more.

it has helped me to start to identify issues to resolve…….it made me feel better about myself