Support Groups

support group

Groups are a very important feature of helping people to change.

They can give people the chance to see they are not alone, and that others have similar experiences. Sharing these and talking about ways to cope is what gives people the encouragement to make changes.

Being a member of a group means a sense of belonging and hope. And groups provide feedback, boundaries and reality checks – often difficult to hear – but in a supportive setting these are worked through constructively and with positive results.

Catalyst have always encouraged the development of different groups to support their work and to help people find different ways to be involved. To find out more about our groups, please click on the links below:

Families and Carers Groups

Volunteers Group

Service User Group

Offering access to counselling and group work gives people time to explore their issues and behaviours at a pace to suit them. People often use both types of support, others may choose just one. Whatever option they choose, getting involved in counselling and group work are very effective ways to change drug and alcohol use and associated behaviours.

knowing there are support groups out there when needed takes the panic and stress off me

Catalyst will always work with the individual to find the best combination of support and activity.

There are several different groups which people can attend. We know this can be a bit scary to start with but our groups are friendly and supportive.

We recognise that drugs and alcohol affect everyone (not just the user) and we are here to help friends and family too. We maintain the users’ confidentiality at all times.

everyone listened to my problems